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This post is in partnership with Sow Eden Organics, all opinions are my own.

I am a pretty open book when it comes to talking about mental health. I am someone who lives with both diagnosed anxiety/panic disorder and depression and I know that I am not alone in saying those words. In recent years I also had a traumatic back injury that left me with herniated discs and nerve damage in my leg. In addition to living with an autoimmune disorder that causes a terribly painful skin reaction that is especially triggered by certain foods I now know to avoid. Some days I feel like a total mess and other days I feel like I can conquer the world. I try to not look at these struggles a negative, but rather challenges to move through in hopes I can find peace and healing and help others going through their storms as well.

To me, speaking about mental health and overall wellness is imperative to know that we are not in these battles alone and I think it is also equally as important to share what helps vamp up our self care routines and make those difficult days a bit more bearable. Clearly I am not a doctor, just someone who has tried many things to help feel my best and ultimately I can only share my experience with that has worked for me.

Taking the Sow Eden CBD Tincture in Cinnamon Turmeric that I use daily for inflammation and to reduce anxiety.

In the past, I have not had the best reaction to prescribed medications. Not that I am against them because I think they can be absolutely live saving, but for me personally I wanted to try to find something to help with my pain, inflammation, and also calm my high strung internal nature. My husband, Graham, actually brought up the idea of taking CBD to me and I was honestly shocked by how the positive impact it has left in my life after finding the right products that work for me, this is where Sow Eden comes in.

The line up of my favorites from Sow Eden

Before I share my experience I think it is important to know what CBD really is and how Sow Eden has created the best CBD products I have ever tried. CBD is short for Cannabidiol that is fond in the cannabis or hemp plant. I was no stranger to THC (the primary active cannabinoid in marijuana), but unlike THC, CBD is non intoxicating and will not get you high. Instead it provides major benefits that have personally tremendously helped with my pain, inflammation, and daily anxiety.

I have tried many CBD creams, tinctures, and products and by far the hands down best products I have ever tried at from Sow Eden. They are a small handcrafted CBD company based in the greater LA area. I think it is also very important to know where the oil is coming from because many CBD companies purchase premade products and end up putting their own label on it. Sow Eden makes everything in house using handcrafted organic ingredients and their oil source comes from two farms they work closely with that are totally organic. Their products are broad spectrum CBD which means they contain tons of therapeutic compounds naturally found in the plant, but do not contain any THC.

My favorite CBD product from Sow Eden is the Whipped Body Butter. It is such a calming experience and the bergamot/grapefruit scent is also essential oil therapy to me.

I often joke about coating myself in CBD and living my best life. It is actually not a joke especially with Sow Eden products. The care and quality they put into their CBD products is such a high standard and the smell/taste of their products is such an incredible benefit. Every time I use them I feel like I am transported to a mini spa moment and am given a sense of peace knowing and feeling that these products are genuinely helping me in my day to day life. From using the products daily I have noticed a significant reduction in my pain and anxiety. This is HUGE for me and honestly I become emotional because this journey of finding relief has been incredibly arduous and to find something that helps is a really big breakthrough.

I use the tincture daily and it especially helps with my anxiety and inflammation, I also am obsessed with the body butter and soothing roller that targets painful areas topically. Since using these products daily I have noticed significant positive changes in my overall well-being and I know that these products will be some of my most gifted to friends and family this year. Other than the personal benefits, hearing that my 92 year old grandmother is being helped with topical CBD with the pain in her shoulders gives me the motivation to keep spreading the word.

To see more information about Sow Eden CBD products I highly recommend checking out the Sow Eden FAQ’s, it is very informative and delves deep into all things CBD. I’m so grateful to be sharing my CBD journey with you in hopes that if you are looking for some natural relief this sparked you to try these amazing products.




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