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This post is in partnership with Getaway, all opinions are my own!

I think all city dwellers can relate that sometimes you just need to step back from the quick pace of daily life to reconnect with nature, get grounded, and feel at peace. Sometimes planning that escape can feel super time consuming and anyone who has ever camped knows that the process of preparation and making sure you have all the supplies is lengthy to say the least. I have often thought about just having a little escape that is accessible and comfortable while still enjoying nature. That is where Getaway delivers on everything I could wish for bundled up in the coziest chicest tiny cabin you can imagine.

Our Getaway location was nestled in the mountains of Big Bear, which is a totally accessible drive from LA. I love that Getaway makes it convenient to get to their locations. In a mere two hours our scenery transformed from palm trees to pine trees as we looped around the mountain. The journey up was foggy but added to the overall transformation of scenery.

The Getaway team made sure we were set up with detailed instructions for the site and the name of our cabin to look out for was Gene. They also had an onsite team that could be there in moments if you need anything. Once we found our sign we were able to park right out front of our cozy cabin. I rolled my ankle a couple of days prior to venturing and truly appreciated how accessible it was for me. I loved that you can customize the experience if you want a bunch of time hiking or a more relaxed moment to soak in all the nature and scenery around you.

Since it was a bit later in the day, we got into our cabin and got cozy right away. Getaway is totally dog friendly and our beagles were so excited to be there. Once we got in the cabin we were so impressed by the beautiful, bright, and clean space. The cabin had so many amazing amenities that it truly feels like a home away from home. There was a stove, sink, cooking supplies, and even food that you can prepare. Additionally, there is a bathroom that includes a shower. We were totally covered, literally everything you could need is already taken care of. You can see a full tour of our cabin here:

Getaway House Tour

The best part of the cabin is the giant window that is basically a magical portal to nature. It is breathtaking to soak in the scenery and you know I capitalized on many a picture.

As the sun set, the true peace and quiet of nature set in. I really appreciated that Getaway also encouraged you to disconnect. They even have a cell phone lock box to encourage you to stay in the moment. Graham and I spent the evening drinking wine, eating some yummy food we whipped up on the stove, playing board games (I totally won at scrabble), and got to spend time just being with each other.

The cabin has both heat and air conditioning so we were super comfy as we snuggled up in a plush bed. When we woke up the next morning the fog cleared and we were left with a stunningly clear view.

Before we made the trek home we took some time to walk the doggies and check out our surroundings. I felt rejuvenated and so happy to have some time together as our little family.

Getaway is such an ideal escape for couples as well as close friends. It is a perfect opportunity to disconnect from the hustle of everyday life and get grounded and connected to your loved ones in the heart of nature. I could also see how going alone could be so beneficial if you needed a reset moment or retreat. I can not wait to go back and would love to stay even longer next time.

Getaway has locations from California to New York and if you are interested in booking your magical nature escape you can use code JBUCKINGHAM25 to save $25 off a booking. Just head over to and I hope you have the happiest trails!




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