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My Big (Fig) Sleep Journey

I think we have all heard of (and felt) the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. When we don’t sleep well, it doesn’t just make us need that extra cup of coffee in the morning, it can have real negative impacts on our overall health and well being. Our bedrooms should be our little oasis to get away from the world and have a moment to relax, rejuvenate, and get that REM cycle going. An integral part of that deep relaxing experience is having a bed that is comfortable, supportive, and reliable.

My journey to find the ideal mattress came in many supports, sizes, and even boxes. Let’s get really real about what is happening in bed. I am a plus size gal, my husband (Graham) is 6’5″, and we have two beagles (Lady and Remy) who of course claim the bed as their own. Needless to say, a supportive bed matters. We’ve gone through many iterations of beds, and we were always waking up sore and worse for the wear. In the midst of looking for solutions, Big Fig Mattress came in and now we are lulled to sleep in our little piece of heaven that Graham refers to as “Cloud Nine”.

Big Fig Mattress, like its name playfully panders, caters to people with a larger figure. The mattress is constructed with quality and combines the best of both worlds with a spring and memory foam mattress. Graham and I have been sleeping on it for almost three months and I can genuinely say that we’ve found a mattress that gives support where it counts most.

The mattress is designed to keep you cool and not trap heat. Once again, important for a great night’s sleep and it offers reinforced support. I also enjoy that the mattress has some great height to it. We already have a tall bed frame so we use the mattress without the additional box spring support. The box springs themselves also make for an excellent foundation option, but I like that the mattress system is flexible since we prefer (and need) under the bed storage.

If you are used to a softer bed this mattress may take some adjusting to since I would say that it offers a more firm support. Personally it has been a lifesaver for sleep recovery. As many of you know, I deal with chronic back pain from an injury I had a few years ago. This mattress has exponentially helped me to get a deeper night’s sleep and wake up in less pain. Truly the biggest challenge now is getting me to leave “Cloud Nine”, but when I do I feel significantly more refreshed and ready for the day!

Whether you are co-sleeping with your partner, kiddo, pet, or getting the whole bed to yourself (lucky) if you have a big fig and are looking for a change and improvement in your sleep the Big Fig mattress is a supportive solution. I can’t wait to hear if you give this mattress a try and how it improves your quality of sleep. Sweet dreams my babes!



*This post was graciously sponsored by Big Fig Mattress, all opinions are my own.


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