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*This post is graciously sponsored by Catherines, all opinions are my own.

Hey babes!

There comes a point in life, or perhaps due to the current quarantine climate, that I decided it was time. It was time to make the jump into plant motherhood. This is a journey I have wanted to seriously go down for quite a while now, but needed extra time to really delve into the care routine for the various plant babies I wanted to bring home. My husband, Graham, often joked that if I could keep a plant alive for a year I could then venture in full on greenhouse glory. I bought a cactus so I won. We went from 1 to 9 real in the past few days and I am the most excited.

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Any outing these days feels special and since this was an extra special occasion I wanted to look cute, but still comfortable. After-all, I wanted to project the image of a cool plant mom. I wore a super and comfy maxi dress (seriously I wear this around probably more than I should) from Catherines and paired it with some cute leopard mules, classic jean jacket, a sparkly bangle, and of course trusty face mask. Your girl was ready to pick up some plants.

I love that my favorite local nursery is doing pick up orders where you get everything online and you can easily pick it up the next day. Its really important to support local businesses during this time so I attained most of the plants and pots from LA vendors. Graham did need to head to a big box store, so naturally I couldn’t help but snag a couple more green friends there too. Overall, a super successful day and I felt super put together and comfortable in this cute look!

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I was so excited to get home and felt like my space and mood were instantly lifted. I am the most excited to bring you all along on this journey with me. Let me know if you are a fellow plant parent in the comments below!




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