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This post is graciously sponsored by Lane Bryant, all opinions are my own!

Hello Loves!

Happy 2021! I know it still has some lingering feelings of the past year. I’ve noticed a really deep need for self care acts both big and small during this time. I have definitely spent the majority of this time in some form of loungewear and honestly it is the best. However, it still feels good to dress up a bit especially when it makes you feel empowered.

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In all honesty I had not been recently feeling most most sexy and self confident. I think during hard times it is so easy to disconnect from your body and kind of live in your head. I have been really mindfully trying to work on reconnecting with my physicality and exploring what feeling sexy and sensual means to me.

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Whatever your relationship status may be, I think it is so important to feel that confidence within and for yourself first and foremost. Sometimes that definitely involves dressing up and knowing you look good. It is really nice to have pieces like this stunning robe and slip set that help make me feel fabulous in your own skin. It is truly game changing to take a moment to connect with yourself and I’m so grateful for options like this Cacique number when a girl needs a little boost!




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