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Setting the date!

Hello my loves!

I hope everyone’s holidays season is running as smoothly as possible. I know the holidays can be a source of joy, but also a source of stress so I hope you all are taking extra special self care steps! I wanted to start December off by sharing the story of how Graham and I chose the date for our wedding along with a few more of our engagement photos. It has been quite an intense time lately in our personal lives, but I think it is so important to preserve the positive memories because life can literally fly by in the blink of an eye. Planning a wedding can pull anyone through the array of all the emotions and feel like a whirlwind. I know for us, setting a date also meant selecting a venue. That was one of our biggest goals before the end of 2017.

Graham and I started officially dating on August 8, 2011. While we were at a Phish concert, in one of his smoothest moments he offered to go on a road trip with me to New Mexico. When I asked him how I would introduce him to my Mom, he said ” You can tell her I am your boyfriend” accompanied by his signature smile. August 8, 2011 has been our anniversary for six years. We knew we wanted to get married in the late summer and wanted to keep that date as close as possible. The closest Saturday date in 2018 ended up being August 11, 2018. The inner nerds in Graham and I were very excited about this!

As we searched several venues we finally stumbled upon our ideal location in SoCal wine country. As we admired the lush garden filled with greenery, we fell in love with the fairy tale atmosphere. When it came down to sitting down and checking the availability. We told the owner of the venue our preferred date of August 11, 2018 and I kid you not the ONLY Saturday date that was still available for the entire year of 2018 was August 11, 2018. This was such a kismet moment that we committed to the venue right then and there!

Voila, and now we have our wedding date! Artificer WoodWorks commemorated the moment by sending us a beautiful handcrafted memory box. I am a sucker for preserving memories and I can’t wait to fill it with pictures and trinkets that remind us of this special time in our lives.  The company also makes wine boxes and a variety of other wood products. If you are searching for a unique and beautiful gift this holiday season, I would definitely recommend checking them out! Thank you for letting me share part of our story with you! I’m sending you all my love and good vibes!





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