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Sugar Bear Hair Review

Hello my loves! Today I am spilling the tea on my experience with Sugar Bear Hair. Sugar Bear Hair has built an Instagram marketing empire filled with girls who all have stunning hair paired with cute blue bear shaped gummies. I mean let’s be real, I am a sucker for a good marketing gimmick and the more I saw them post the more I wanted to try them out for myself. My hair was damaged from a previous toner and I noticed that even my natural waves were lack luster and frizzy. In order to try to infuse health back into my hair I had not really done anything much to it other than the occasional trim for a couple of years. I was really unhappy with how it was looking. I wanted it longer, stronger, and was ready to add back some color. Since I heard so many things about this product, one day I bit the bullet and hopped online to purchase my first bottle. Quick pro-tip, I got mine on Amazon Prime and saved on shipping.

Picture below, hair prior to the bears:

Before I purchased the product I researched the ingredients and two of the main ones are Biotin and Folic Acid. I took Biotin previously to grow my hair out and it worked great for me, so with a virtual swipe of my credit card and $32.99 later I was like BRING IT ON VITAMINS!

Pictured below, me trying to do the cute casual “Oh I am so sexy with a gummy bear in my mouth” pic:

When the product arrived, I was excited to try it out. They recommend you take 2 bears once a day. My first impression was DAMN they taste good. Legit they taste like berry candy so taking them would not be a problem. Each bottle contains a month’s supply so it is a relatively expensive beauty item that is a luxury on a budget. I have been taking the vitamins for about 2 months and here are my opinions so far.

  1. The vitamins are super easy to take, yummy, and I mean the blue bear is extremely cute.
  2. My hair does feel healthier, longer, shiner, and stronger. Biotin and Folic Acid are extremely helpful when it comes to hair growth so they got it going on in this formula.
  3. That being said, both Biotin and Folic Acid can be found at your local grocery store at a much more affordable price point. Sugar Bear Hair is awesome, but it is an expense. So if you are on a tighter budget you can still find ways to make it work if you are trying to grow your hair out.
  4. It’s a great supplement, but many factors go into healthy hair (one big one is drinking plenty of water for healthy skin and hair) so it is not a cure all miracle gummy.

Overall I am seeing improvement in my hair. After a month of taking them I also got my hair cut and colored and I use Moroccan Oil products on my mane. I think the gummies do play a positive factor in my overall haircare routine. Let me know if you all have any questions, and I hope you enjoyed this review!




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