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The Ultimate Classic – Movie Date Night

This post is graciously sponsored by Catherines, all opinions are my own.

I wanted to make the grand finale of my date night series with Catherines’, a true classic. It is that outing you can go on during your first date where your hands are just a little bit clamy in anticipation of if it will get held, to the date where you snort laugh or ugly cry next to your lifelong partner. That’s right, we’re talking about the movie date.

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Graham and I are fortunate to live next to our favorite movie theatre in Los Angeles at The Grove. The Grove is truly a date experience in an of itself and it is especially whimsical during this time of year. There is always a bountiful dose of holiday cheer and it adds an extra layer of excitement while heading into the theatre. I’ve had so many amazing experiences at this theatre both on romantic dates with Graham or girl’s night with my ladies. We always leave immersed in conversation reveling in the experience of movie magic. Going to the movies will always be one of my most favorite activities.

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As always, I bring a jacket to the movies because as wild as things can get on screen the Oscar will always go to the move theatre’s AC for keeping us on our toes. I am also a big fan of adding a leather jacket to any fall ensemble so you don’t hear me complaining about an extra chic layer.

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I went with a cute top and jeans for a comfy time in the theatre but still ready for dinner afterward. It has been the best time recapping my favorite fall date nights here. Let me know in the comments if you tried any of these date night ideas this fall!




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