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The World Through The Eyes Of A Plus Size Blogger

When I was growing up, I remember feeling like I never saw anyone in the media who looked like me. Typically if a plus size person was ever represented, if was a sad stereotype of someone who hates themselves, their body, or the butt of the joke. Nothing that I saw even came close to how I felt inside and that lack of representation certainly added to the otherness I felt that my body was just not quite good enough. 

That feeling was reinforced because in my personal life I was told I would not be successful or have the things I wanted unless I reduced the size of my body. As you can imagine this took a rather serious mental toll, and after college, out in the real world, I had to do some major soul searching and start a healing journey with both my mind and body. 

As blogging started to take off online, I started discovering plus size bloggers and I was blown away by their style, confidence, and their ownership of identity. I thought to myself FINALLY, and eventually decided I wanted to go on this journey of self acceptance knowing that there were people paving the way for inclusion.

First Photos On the New Blog

I started working as a plus size model, but after moving back to Los Angeles I wanted to start following my passions of writing and connecting with other people more. On May 12, 2016 I started a blog under my name Jennifer Buckingham as a statement to own my identity and share my experience as a plus size woman.

 A shot from my first blogger trip to Savannah, GA

I wanted to share about my style, but also dig deep into real topics and also sharing my experience navigating this world as a plus size person. I love traveling and know so many people have worries about venturing out, so I wanted to show that regardless of size, creating your dream life and having your dream adventures is totally possible.

I am also still passionate about modeling and showing diverse representation in models, so I truly needed a hub where I could easily and stylishly share my experience. That is where GoDaddy has been an incredible tool in my business.

Recent Photoshoot with Lane Bryant

Through GoDaddy I am able to power my blog and have a domain under my name as well as an email address associated with that domain. It is an invaluable branding tool, and if I have ever had a question or guidance, the GoDaddy team has always helped me right away.

Recent camping trip that my husband and I collaborated with GetAway on)

Having my blog has helped me to grow my own business tremendously, but more importantly has given me a voice to be a part of the conversation of inclusivity and representation. I want to continue to share my journey and I am so grateful to have a platform and tools in order to make that happen.

A shot from a blog and travel collaboration with Ponte Vineyard

GoDaddy has made the ability to share my experiences seamless and I am so excited for what the future holds. If you are thinking about starting a blog or website, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Cheers to more amazing adventures and the ability to share them!




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