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Hello My loves!

Graham and I GOT MARRIED! If you follow my social media accounts you definitely know this by my many wedding posts (a girl can’t help herself), but one of the big questions I received is how we styled our wedding party. I figured it would be an ideal time to dive into how we planned the style for our bride and grooms party with you all and how the overall look came together. It was an absolute joy to have our closest friends stand by our side, and I wanted the overall theme and feel over the wedding to be carried through the outfits as well as the design elements of the wedding.

Our wedding colors were earthy tones with an emphasis of greens, pinks, and mixed metals (gold, rose gold, and silver). Our theme was enchanted garden and we wants to mix elements to create a dynamic feast for the eyes and senses. Call it whimsical, meets glam, meets chic, with a boho touch! I felt that the styles totally reflected Graham and I as a couple and we were thrilled to see how our vision came to life. Since my dress boardered the pink/champagne color range, Graham and I decided that grey and pink would be wonderful compliments. After I found my Stella York dream dress we based our color palette off of what we planned to wear.

Personally, I preferred the look of various tones and styles in the bridesmaid’s dresses. I knew that I wanted a more mix and match type of look to add interest in our photos, but the main reason I wanted my ladies to pick their own dresses was so that they would feel confident and happy. I knew that the color pink has so many hues that flatter a multitude of skin tones, and I wanted my bridesmaids to feel their best on the big day. As a bride I felt very strongly that I wanted to make sure that the women who have stood by me for so many years felt great the day of the wedding. All of my ladies have a fabulous sense of style so I knew that they would do me proud, and boy did they! In our email chain and group texts we had so much fun showing each other dresses, and everyone sent me their dress of choice so we could look at it together. I wanted their dresses to reflect their own unique style pulled together with a color choice that ended up looking like a beautiful ombre effect. I think it is really important to know that as a bride people are going above and beyond for you and even though it is your big day I felt that I wanted to make sure that all my ladies felt amazing in their wedding attire and that we collaborate to make the vision happen.

Essentially the only guideline that I gave was that it needed to be a shade of pink and a maxi dress, and then they can have at it. This worked out perfectly because my Jr. Bridesmaid and flower girl both wore pink knee length dresses so it gave more visual interest and also signified their roles in the wedding in an age appropriate and comfortable way for them. Once I saw all of the dresses together in person, I was blown away by how it all came together flawlessly. They all looked stunning in dresses that complimented each girl individually as well as the group. Our wonderful florist, Tessie’s Flowers, also designed their bouquets to give a nod to their hue of pink, and the overall effect gets me teary eyed in the best way.

For more beautiful flowers follow:

We knew that we wanted the guys in light grey to balance the various pink tones. Graham wore a beautiful light grey Calvin Klein suit and since the ladies were in a variety of shades, we wanted the continuity in the attire to be held down on the men’s side. We went with a classic, chic, and laid back look of a clean button up white shirt, light grey pants with brown shoes,and their sleeves rolled up. This helped Graham’s suit to stand out and also kept his guys looking sharp and staying cool in the August heat. I love that the end result looked so clean and effortless. It was also a little nod to Graham that they rolled their sleeves up, since he usually does the same thing with long sleeved button ups.

The guys looked so sharp and totally complemented the ladies.

My biggest takeaway for other brides is to remember that your wedding party is there for you, but to also keep in mind what will make them feel and look their best too. It was a major moment for us all and I wanted everyone to feel amazing the day of the wedding!

I have a bunch of upcoming wedding posts to share with you, and I can’t wait to show you more details about our big day!



All Photography by: Gabe + Brit


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